How it works

If you are a musician or artist in any discipline. You have a prestige, experience, work that you think is interesting to show. And you are looking for how to make a profit with all this work. MasClasses, is your website.
It's very simple, you register, it's free, you organize your area with: photos, videos, articles, everything you think is interesting for your followers. And once finished, you just have to make your new area in MasClasses, in your circles and on social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok) and redirect them with links to your area.
You will have total control of all the uploaded material, in an autonomous way, and adjust the prices, by month, quarter, semester or year for your followers. It is very important to keep your area updated. Do not stop uploading material, so that your area stays alive.
Remember, our website gives you 70% of the income, once the 3% of the payment gateways and 21% of taxes have been extracted.
1000 times more than any other platform!
Use our simulator, in HOME area, to get an idea of ​​how much you could get per month.